folder export management


If you export for the first time a project, Cubase is positionned on the last folder of the last project opened : ok.
But if we choose ‘take the actual project’s folder’ option to change folder name, automatically Cubase is on the …/audio/ directory and if we want to change it with a new folder into the actual project , the navigator opens into … the old project’s folder ! so NOK :unamused:



I can’t reproduce it here (if I understand your description correctly).

  1. Have a project A.cpr in A folder stored.
  2. Export Audio Mixdown. In the File Path line click to the Path Option drop-down menu and select use Project Audio Folder.
    => A/Audio folder is selected.
  3. Export file.
    => File is exported in the A/Audio/file.wav.
  4. Create project B.cpr in B folder.
  5. Export Audio Mixdown.
    => The File path is set to B/Audio, as expected.
  6. If you want to change the folder and you click to the path, the system window opens. A folder is preselected, it’s a 1st folder fro the Recent Paths.

Do you expect something different here?