Folder management

Why aren’t .bak files in a dedicated sub folder like Audio, Edits and Images?

Its straining to find your session .cpr file amongst tens of back up files and creates unnecessary stress in your work flow.

As discussed in the other thread, no it is not how it should be.

.cpr and .bak need to be seen together, organized by date/time. The way it is now is just fine.

It would be such a PITA to compare time stamps of .baks to .cprs… which is what everyone does when they need to rely on a .bak… makes no sense to have them separated.

if you don’t like so many .bak files, you can limit the number of .baks in the preferences. I just don’t get what the problem is on your screen? you are having that much trouble to find a .cpr?

Agreed. I see no problem about this : it is logical to have both the .cpr file in use and previous backup files in the same location.

But, as it is the Feature requests subforum, I would have at least one request concerning the folder management : Being optionaly able (a preference ?) to create automatically a folder in which the .cpr file will be embedded.
When saving the first time the project with the File>Save as… command and after having chosen a destination (i.e. F:\DataCubase), the name entered would then be BOTH the name of the folder and the name of the .cpr file that would be included in it. We would then have, i.e., a F:\DataCubase\Project190725 folder with, in it, the usual subfolders created (Audio, Images…) and the Project190725.cpr file. Presently, I have to :

  • Use the File>Save as… command
  • choose the destination
  • create a folder and name it
  • save this name with ctrl+C before confirming
  • choose the newly created folder as the place in which to save the project file
  • ctrl+V to paste the name and confirm.

Too much keystrokes and mouse clicking for something that could easily be simplified, IMO…

I agree with this. Cubase’s New Project and Save procedures are redundant. Don’t need all those steps and file naming so many times to create a new session in a new location.

No, it’s a work flow and concentration killer to have to strain your focus in every session folder to find that one .cpr file amidst 10’s of back up files.

And no, nobody needs to see the .bak and .cpr next to each other in order to find the right .bak. The .bakc are also numbered besides the time stamp.

You don’t like change, I get it. It’s hard to take advice about quicker smarter methods when you have been so used to digging with a spoon.

Your method in the other post is something you do once in a blue moon and not necessary for every day functioning and doesn’t make any sense.

Back up files need to be in a separate folder just like the Audio, Edits, Images, and Track Pictures.

But here is a solution that can appease us both - a check box for “Sort .bak Files In Separate Sub Folder”

I agree that an option for a sub folder would be nice.

If we consider the frequency of how often a user needs to access .cpr files vs .bak files, the .bak files are needed only in an exceptional cases. When Cubase crashes or .cpr becomes corrupted. So, “hiding” .bak files in a sub folder will improve a frequent task, at the expense of a rare task.

Ugh…t h a n k y o u…my point exactly.

Cubase is not so intuitive yet and can be a creativity flow killer. But I’m not giving up on it yet!!!

Do you not show file extensions for your OS? No offense I just think you need to force yourself to focus your OCD somewhere else and get over this. It’s not hard to find a .cpr among 10 .baks.

I don’t think it’s wise to break file protocol uniformity among users and previous versions of Cubase. Too be honest, I just don’t want the Devs to waste time on this when there are other things that are more important. If having .baks mixed .cprs breaks your attention when you can just hit ‘F3’ and and type .cpr… I’m not sure how you are even able to operate a DAW at all… again, no offense. I just can’t comprehend how this is a problem for someone.

The project sub-folders are specifically for content contained within the project, .baks are not an entity within a project, they are directed towards what is in a project, and it makes more sense to have them in a directory above the sub-folders they are pointing to - that is plain logic - they need to be in the root folder so that they see the sub-folders of which contain the content the .bak needs to load the project.

What if two users working on the same project, have two different settings? Now there are .baks in two places? Is this a global setting, or a per-project setting? You see, this actually becomes quite complicated and you’re not thinking about these angles.

Sorry, but focus OCD some place else, I think you’re hung up on this and it’s not making sense, at all.

More people would rather have an organized folder than not.

You’re the only one barking against this. The folder hierarchy you’re talking about is incorrect - there is no problem having a back up folder referring to the project in a sub folder. EVERYONE ELSE DOES THIS.

When anyone is working with several sessions a day, with a deadline around your neck, you start to realize where you can preserve yourself for effortless work flow and stay in the zone. This clutter is unnecessary and contradictory/ interruptive to focused workflow if you have to stop and type as you suggest in a search for your .cpr file or scroll though tens of .bak files to find that one .cpr file.

I thought you said you were done discussing this in the last post. When you start making up stories about how the root folder works, it’s time to pack it in and leave it alone.

Having a check box with the option to sort into subfolder is a great way to compensate for your tantrum.

Bye :unamused:

Anyway, I don’t want the same name for cpr and Project Folder.

You are only seeing what you want to see, people have agreed with me in both threads. I’m the only one barking against this because I’ve done the job for everyone else, who doesn’t care about this.

There is a problem with having backup folder if the program has never had one before. It won’t be backwards compatible. Any version of Cubase prior to this change you want, will not know to look to this folder and Cubase automatically lets the user know if there is a .bak that is more recent than a .cpr and asks to load the .bak instead.

I am working with several, extremely complicated, sessions every day with tight deadlines, probably more complicated than you and most others, which is exactly why I need things the way they are now.

I was done discussing it in the other thread, because you hijacked it and derailed it and it was off topic. :unamused:

I’m not having a tantrum. You are just wrong, I’m explaining why. and you can’t deal with that. It’s not going to change. I’ve logically explained it to you multiple times, and you are choosing to ignore because of your ego. You - are - wrong - it - is - not - going - to - change. deal with it.

It takes me 1 second, to find the most recent manual save, and also informs me that project 14 was opened after 15 in which new ‘14’ .baks were created - which is good to know.

Notice how Windows tells me, right next to the file names, ‘File Type’. Do you not have that on Mac? Maybe you should change OS.

I didn’t even use my usual file naming protocol in the above example, so it’s messier than usual, and it’s still no problem to find the correct most recent file.

Yes, I have file type in my window.

I was a PC user from 97 - 08 before I changed to Mac. And I’ve had Cubase since version 5 but because of the industry, I’ve had to work mostly in Pro Tools and Logic.

I’m not getting into a dick measuring contest on how much work we do - I’m in between shows right now so I’m taking the time to get set up in Cubase before poop hits the fan again before the fall.

Holy hell, if that is your project management system, you need serious help.

There is no way in hell anyone working in tv, film or ads survive like that. Maybe you’ll understand one day. But for now you decide to keep your blinders on.

But you can keep your stroke inducing file system like that - a check box to sort .bak files is happening and you don’t have to use it. It’s not valid to not have that option for the one time YOU work with someone who MIGHT have it different for that ONE rare occasion you need to pull up a back up.

More time and energy is saved across the board with a sub folder than that one blue moon you and your buddy crashes a session.

Lol, everything you showed me in your last response proves to me what’s wrong with your system and a perfect display on how not to work. Sorry, but that is a mess.

You don’t have to.

I never do - I have show/production company name > show title > episode > cue name > then version or revised edit name if that is needed.

How? How is it different than anything else? how is it different than the audio folder that can have thousands of files?

Having project files in two places makes utterly no sense. If that’s what other programs do, other programs have it wrong.

It’s up to you to organize and keep clean your project folder. You can at anytime, delete what you don’t need.

It’s not a contest, you are just wrong about this. I’ve proven it. If you can’t find your files, then you are doing something wrong and you need to change your naming convention.

if .baks and .cprs were in separate places, I would have had no idea that revision 14 had .baks created after revision 15.

The most recent files are at the top… like dude, are you okay? How is it that you can work any DAW but you can’t find these files to the extent that it’s throwing your focus? like huh? I don’t get it? What are you looking at? Do you know how to sort A-Z, or sort by file type, or sort by date created?

You are just OCD nitpicking over the most pointless thing and you’re being a little persistent prick about it.

Bro, if that is throwing your focus… I would never hire you, how do you even work in this industry if you can’t find proper files? like huh? You’re the only one with a problem here dude… no one has ever complained about this before. You’re clearly not a professional.

can you seriously not find the most recent file??? Are you okay?

brah I’ve got contracts because of my file and organization system. I’ve never lost anything, have never had trouble finding anything.

what are you doing wrong? do you need a brain exercise app on your phone?

See why it’s important they are together? If the .baks were in a folder, I wouldn’t have know .baks were created after the fact of the last save ‘149b’.


You lose.

Go away to Logic.