Folder separation and other visual enhancement to mixer

I am almost positive this has been posted before, but I couldn’t find it, so here goes.

When working on long-long sessions on big desks, I occasionally used to pull out a redundant channel and shove a blanking plate in there just to visually split things up a bit. We used to get imaginative with coloured sticky tape too - anything to make life easier in dimly-lit 70s and 80s recording studios!

It would be nice to do something similar in the Cubase mixer. The most obvious idea is an option to respect folders in some way. So, if you have a folder with drum mics in, you can choose to have that isolated in some visual way in the mix console. The simplest would be to have a small gap (customisable size in preferences?) before and after this little group. But it could be something stronger too, I suppose - whatever is required for tired eyes!

In addition, it might be nice to choose to collapse these. Perhaps clicking an icon to the left (?) would collapse them down and replace them with a channel strip that just had the name of the folder.

The option to use this would need to be on a folder to folder basis because where you have nested folders, it could be a mess!

To add to the idea a little, several people have asked for channel strip tinting in the same way as we can tint the control strip in the arrange window.

If that were added, perhaps it could also be added to these folder groups in the mixer too, though I am not very sure how that would work out in the end. It could look lovely, it might not. That is probably more down to how the user uses it.

Anyway, there you go. Not a big features thing, but where you have tons of tracks, this kind of idea can really speed you up and reduce the amount of squinting you do.