Folder Structure Project Organization

it will be very useful to have the option to store each separate project in his own folder. In that folder, you would have the main file as well as the back ups.

Then, you will have a subfolder for AUDIO EXPORTS, another for MEDIA, another for PRINTED SHEETS.

Of course, you can do this manually right now, but it will be nice to have it as an option. After all, the organization that I’m proposing is very similar to how Cubase organize its projects.

What happens right now is that I have all the parts mixed in the same folder with the main files, the audios in separate folders and the MIDI in another folder. My solution has been extracting first the audio in order to create the folder, then I change the pdf route to that new folder in the print mode. Much better, because before it was very difficult to tell a score from another (because the default name always start with 01 - Full Score…).

Does it make sense? At least a folder for the derivate files will be quite nice.


As long as it is an option and not the default.