Folder Sync again. C10

I’ve started a thread for C10 in issues about this. Its definitely unchanged as still a big issue for me on Windows 10. Lots of others here reported same issues previously so I’m interested to know if your still affected.

The issue:
Multitrack audio in folders with Folder Sync turned on from the beginning of editing lose sync always. The front to back ordering also gets messed up which may be contributing to bad cuts being allowed to be made and the folder losing sync


I was quickly reading thru the original thread. Have you found a clear reproduction of the issue, please?

Unfortunately I’m still trying to find the exact things that make this occur. I’m generally in the middle of a tracking session in a busy studio so its difficult to get the time to be analytic.

By the way I had a conversation with an OSX Cubase user and he had not encountered the issue. He’s a total power user also it makes me suspect its windows only… not confirmed though