Folder Sync issues in Nuendo (and Cubase) with video example

I’ve come to Nuendo 11 from Cubase 11 and it also has my daily Folder Sync issues. Since Nuendo iusers are more likely to be using Nuendo for Sync folders of multitracks I’m hoping to find more users with the same issues.

For me on Windows 10 and Nuendo 11.0.41 Folder sync breaks at every use - daily.

Here is just one example of strange behaviour.

Folder Sync - out of sync on split behaviour

Trying to follow the video, its moving to quickly to be sure - It looks like you have the Snap Type set to Grid, when you probably want it set to Events.

Apologies if the video moves quickly there was a musician waiting to play but these front to back track ordering bugs which breaks folder Sync all of the time for me for multiple Cubase and Nuendo versions.

  • On the video I have a folder track sync’d and I do a cut on the track ‘Subkick’ (2nd track down) .

  • A cut in made but there is a small audio file now on the track Subkick in addition to the cut - I think coming from an edit underneath.

  • I then undo the action

  • Now I try a cut in a simiar place on another track further down the sync’d folder. ‘Snare Top KM 184’. The same thing happens. On that track only an edit from underneath of some sort comes to the front but this does not occur for other tracks .

  • I undo the Split again.

  • I try a third cut - around the same time but not exactly. This spilt is on the track ‘Snare Bottom’ (all still in the sync’d folder ) and for some reason the cut this time behaves as expected - spliting all tracks properly at that time with no other file showing up in front of the others on the cut.

  • I undo the split action again.

  • I make a 4th split cut with the scissors tool (it can be seen at bar 57 hovering over the track ‘Subkick’. Again a small audio segment appears over that track - likely from a comp cut underneath I cant be certain at this point. In any case this behaviour is not expected. The files are not staying in sync during edit operations in the sync’d folder. The folder is synced from the start of use by the way.

I very much believe this is to do with a bug in track ordering (front to back) coupled with the sync’d folder track code. Its very very hard behaviour to track down in an A B C bug reproduction manner and my issue is that I’m always tracking and super busy when it happens. I’m writing this during drum takes!!

It seems like an obscure or multi-faceted issue that’s triggered by a very specific workflow. If you can find the time to actually put a reproduction sequence together all will benefit.

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Here is a further video where I demonstrate the folder sync bug in action.
The folder I am using has 4 tracks in it. Sync is on from start of use. I went through. Time or two warming up with an electric guitar track. On recording 06 I noted this happening and today had the time to stop and make a video of it. This behaviour happens me all of the time with folder sync.