Folder to handle scores

Hi, composers and developers!

Let’s jump into sound design a little.

How about this feature? - you can drag or directly record MIDI events to folder and put in that folder any count of VST instrument and MIDI tracks and it will receive all MIDI events stored in folder’s part. Visually each track inside this folder should show a half transparent content of parts that folder is handling. Halftransparent and colored regarding to folder and/or track coloring. These halftransparent parts could be editable but all they could be shared copies of main part stored in Folder.

Now you can record one MIDI stream to multiple selected MIDI/Instrument tracks, but all recorded parts are not shared copies of one.

Now we have MIDI track with only 4 sends where you can route MIDI events to any instrument. It’s great, but not comfortable with that. It is limiting to 4 instruments. You cannot route MIDI track to another MIDI track. Only Instrument track and external synths are in the list of available connections.

Now you can drag shared copy of part to another many tracks. It works. But firstly - logically would be one copy of part and linked instruments to it. Secondly, why should we copy the same notes to many tracks if they already are grouped in folder? This is another logical reason to handle only one copy of the part. Thirdly if you cut/slice shared part it automatically loose its link and becomes as a real copy. You see? It’s not good. Fourthly every time you drag for shared copy, you should start draging, then press Alt for copy and then Shift for shared copy. That’s not all! If you want to copy the same to another track, you should release both keys and do these steps again - click, move, press Alt, press Shift, release and so on. Ou, write someone who did not make mistakes with this! :slight_smile:

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