Folder track and Editor Scroll bar bugs??? Anyone else notice this

Reporting a few bugs. Wondering if it’s my system or bugs in the software.

  1. When grouping audio files into a folder some audio tracks seem to act independently of the folder. For example, I will move a group of 5 audio tracks over to another part of the project and even though I’ve moved the entire folder track, two out of the five remain unmoved.

  2. I also noticed that the mute / unmute function doesn’t work properly on folder tracks anymore. Before, I could mute / unmute everything from the folder track but now the folder track mutes and unmutes but the audio tracks inside either don’t do anything or half of them will mute and the other half won’t.

  3. Speaking of mute bugs. I noticed that sometimes a track will get stuck in a mute state but show as unmuted. If I hit solo it will play the audio. The solution is to mute the track again and unmute it.

  4. Actually, I think this bug has been fixed in 9.5.3 because I’m not able to replicate it. However, when entering the editor the scroll bars used to fail to display until I would hit MixConsole or Sampler Control or Chord Pads and then navigate back to Editor. However, this seems to be resolved (at least in my current project).

Anyone else notice any of these things?


More info about your system might help.

In any case, I would recommend to try out in Cubase Safe Start Mode.