Folder track FX

Rather than the folder track being a way of grouping tracks together the functionality coudl be extended

  • apply fx to a folder track
  • apply routing to change all track routing

Please have a look at the Macro: “Selected Tracks To New Folder And Add Group Channel”…
When you edit it you will see how it is build up.
You can write a similar macro to route and fx track to all selected tracks in one go.


I’m talking about changing the folder tracks to be more functional than just grouping. Group FX could be applied to all subtracks - like a submix channel.

Yes I have heard this FR before. Being able to use group and fx tracks as folder tracks.


Perhaps there could be a new track type that’s a hybrid… like… a “Group Folder Track”… That way you can still keep Folder Tracks and Group Tracks as they are while also providing this alternative.