Folder Track Macros

I have been looking at some “plugin chainer” vsts recently such as New Sonic Arts Freestyle and I would love to see something similar implemented into Cubase.

If we were able to 1. Save folder tracks as presets and 2. Have the option of maybe 6 automatable parameters on a folder track that we could then assign anything from within the folder to each, that would work as the Macros.

For example, if I had a folder track with 3 Synth tracks within it, I could assign the 3 Cutoff Filters to the Folder Tracks “parameter 1” and automate that parameter, rather than automating all 3 Filters individually.

This would improve workflow immensely, as any Sounds which have been designed with multiple tracks and FX could simply be placed in a folder and saved as a preset, just like we can save individual tracks as presets and drag and drop them from the Mediabay.