Folder track preview gone?

I’m missing something or folder tracks don’t have a preview of what’s inside anymore? I only see a big empty rectangle with nothing inside.

Saw your post yesterday & was wondering the same…have just been having a look & it’s very odd how this is currently working.

There are 3 options in preferences

Always show data
Never show data
Hide data when expanded

But basically when showing if you have any single track covering a length of time then the whole folder is flat colour rather than laned as it used to be.
If you select never show the folder & it’s contents are invisible & then with the last option it’s either flat colour or invisible depending on whether it’s open or closed.

No indication of the different tracks/events & their start/end points as there used to be which is a shame & the invisible folder option seems pretty pointless to me…maybe it’s a bug??

Yeah it looks like its broken.

The ‘Hide when Expanded’ option has its uses, but I can’t think why on earth there’s a need for ‘Never Show Data’?

Steiny mods, please is this by design or is it something unexpected.
First thing I noticed when I loaded my first project.
If it’s by design please could you consider putting it back as was, as the more information that can be gained by a quick glance the better. Opening and closing just to remember whats in a folder track seems less intuitive than before.
Enjoying C6 so far, many thanks, certainly the least problematic Cubase I have installed and the new DeEsser is really much better, before it ate latency for fun and now seems a more subtle tool.

Well, the screenshots in the manual show the empty track folder parts so it may be by design. Anyhow, the text in the manual still mentions that the folder parts show the content of the contained tracks using colored lines. And that describes the behavior of previous Cubase versions.


at first i was a little disappointed that contents were not shown in folder tracks anymore… but … the old folder tracks were incredibly ugly, hopefully they introduce a nice trade off… no ugly purples lines inside yellow folder tracks but perhaps something more elegant.