FOLDER track renaming problem

I used Folder tracks a lot in the past versions of Nuendo. However, I recently, dropped a bunch of tracks into a folder track, and it renamed all of the tracks the name of the folder. This is about as annoying of a feature as it can get for me. Seriously think about it. I took my time to name and organize all of these tracks only to have them renamed once I dropped them into the Folder track.

Is this something that can be turned off?

Sounds like you accidentally held down Ctrl + Enter when renaming your folder as this is a feature. When you Ctrl + Enter on a value (be it in the info line, on a track name etc) it will set all values to the same.

You can use this to rename all events on a track, all tracks within a folder, all events to the same volume etc.

Hi Likely,
I found that if I create a Folder track and place the tracks into the Folder track, then name the Folder Track, it will change all the names. However, if I create and name the Folder track first, it will keep my old track names.

In regards to what you said, I thank you for the Ctrl + Enter. I am always looking to find better ways to organize files and projects… This will help greatly.

I can’t reproduce that which makes me think you might have some modifer key enabled via a pref or macro utility. You can see if the problem occurs with fresh preferences or you can disable these temporarily at startup.

I can confirm this. I’ve had the new “master” folder change the names of the now “sub” folders when the the master folder was named with the subs inside. I found the same solution by accident. If you name the intended master folder THEN move the sub folders in, they keep their original names.