Folder Track showing MIDI that isn't there.

I have a MIDI track of two overlapping lanes, one for the main beat, one for fills. Both tracks use the same shared part. The final beat showing in the Folder Track doesn’t play but shouldn’t be showing. Should it? It is like this throughout the project, wherever this section appears.
Folder track displaying extra MIDI Note.JPG
Folder track displaying extra MIDI Note - lane 1.JPG
Folder track displaying extra MIDI Note - lane 2.JPG

It took me a while to recreate that, but I was eventually able to confirm your findings. Looks to me like a bug in the graphics of the overview. (Btw, it doesn’t seem to make any difference whether they are shared copies or not, but… I got rather surprising results when swapping the Parts’ lanes around. (sometimes that “phantom” note disappeared, sometimes not :confused: )

Thanks for confirming that, Vic. I couldn’t get your swapping lanes trick to work but I did notice this behaviour that may give a clue to the developers:

  • if you drag the start of the part on Lane 2 to the right, as soon as the overlap disappears, so does the phantom note. This doesn’t happen if you shorten the part in Lane 1.

… so there’s definitely something a bit funky going on there, right? :slight_smile:

Actually I’d call it a bit “modern jazz” (just wrong!) but I don’t want to offend anyone… :smiley: :wink: