Folder track without controls

Somehow, I was able to create folder tracks (for group channels) in older projects so that they show up without any controls (like mute, solo etc.), like this:


Now, when I create a new folder track for group channels, they show up like this:


Is there a way to create these unadorned folder tracks (without controls)? I can’t recall for the life of me how I did that in the past :slight_smile:


To me, it looks, like you just changed the Folder Track height to 1 line manually.

Standard folder for group and FX tracks are just simplified folders.
You can’t create them by yourself.

The DAW creates them if you select inside the folder for new group tracks.
But you can only have one for groups and one for FX.


That was my first guess as well, but, no, that’s not it.

I’m almost positive that I have a project with two of these simplified folders for group/channel tracks, but either way, thank you for the clarification!

It could be one for FX and another one for groups.

Also two more for Inputs and Outputs, if my memory serves me right.


And the old VST Instruments folder too.

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