Folder Tracks +1000.

Part of this month’s fun with Cubase was getting into using Folder Tracks

Folder Track editing is so neat and clean, so fast and easy, so accurate: +1,000 Cubase

Folder Tracks in combination with Visibility Controls is a great feature set – very powerful.

I put my MIDI tracks into one folder and can arrange sections quickly and easily. And that’s but one example of the many ways I’m using Folders and sub-folders.

I’d be curious to hear any ways you use Folders, and if you have not yet opened up this feature of the program, give it a try. Select some tracks, open the menu and select “add selected tracks to new folder.” Brilliant. You’ll love it.

I use the macro for creating a folder track and adding those tracks to a buss all the time for backing vocals.

The group editing feature on folder tracks is a must for when you’re recording with multiple mics…

Love folder tracks!

True, but I was interested in this topic as why anyone would want to have 100 tracks in Cubase, but it’s a +1.000, haha :laughing:

Great tips. :bulb: The Macro for the backing vocals is an even further refinement of the idea. I’ve not yet begun to work with Macros, but will give that a try.

I use it every time when I’m starting to get lost because there’s too much tracks. Great feature.

As a film composer I put my entire template in a folder and then move stuff around to picture that way. Makes conforming a little easier!

I use them, but just in a normal way… I like to create 3 or 4 basses and then folder them. I do the same with leads and etc. Beats having 40 tracks all over :slight_smile: