Folder Tracks: Feature requests

Hi All

One of the things I love most about using Cubase is the way folder tracks operate. The other thing I really love is the listen button. I use this feature far more often than solo. The ability to fade the “un-listen” tracks up or down, even completly out or louder, via the control room is just plain brilliant. Listen tracks also play back ‘correctly’ when sidechained without having to solo the key track. Nice!

Feature request 1 : Listen button on folder tracks…simply puts all tracks in the folder into listen mode.

I work with templates alot and they are very useful, but sometimes mid project things change direction. That electro house track suddenly needs live drums and ukulele :laughing:
I know there are track presets and multi track presets and that is great, but I think the ability to save a folder track preset would be super awesome great! Almost like sub-templates that you could quickly drop into projects.

Feature request 2 : Ability to save folder track preset… saving folder track preset stores everything about the folder track. Track names, colours, routing (if a mismatch occurs you are warned and asked to fix) inputs, inserts, sends, etc. If possible it would even load up vst instruments in the rack to route midi tracks within the folder out to.

I love the group feature on folder tracks and would love to see it taken further.

Feature request 3 : folder track grouping also ties together changes made in the sample editor , thus allowing multi track free warping and much more. Any thing done in the sample editor to one track is automatically copied to the linked tracks.

Are these requests ridiculous or do they make sense to anyone?

Thanks guys

Over and out!

+1 - I would definitely like to see this! Kind of annoying/daft not being able to use the Sample Editor for Group Editing, which is effectively the case at the moment.

Your other requests make sense too, although I shouldn’t really comment on FR 1 as I don’t use the Control Room.

Thanks Crotchety

I can’t live without the control room anymore. One of the great additions to Cubase for me. Funny how each of us use different sections of the program.

I’d like to add that if implemeted the way I imagine folder track presets would store info on all tracks in the folder. Fx tracks, group any and everything.

No one else think any of these additions would be useful?

I don’t think i’d use it personally but I can see its merit especially when you use a similar multi-track setup regularly.

yeah I guess multi-input tracking is what I do 90% of the time so naturally i spend a lot of time thinking about features that would streamline that particular workflow.

Its all about me :blush:

Stepping back a bit i see there is probably a need for a Listen button on indiviual tracks before folder tracks.Presently you can access it through the mixer, or channel view on the inspector, but on the track itself would be a welcome addition.