Folder tracks in the mixer window?

Is it possible to have folders (e.g., to expand/collapse a group of tracks without creating a new visibility configuration) in the mixer? If so, how?

It would be nice if folders would have this feature…

For now, you might have to create groups for your folders and remove the visibility of individual tracks…

If you put the group of tracks you want in a folder - the folder shows in the visibility pane. Clicking the dot to the left of this folder will hide or show all the tracks at once.

Thanks guys. I’m doing that already. I thought I’d seen folders in the Mixer window in a screenshot, but maybe that was some other program. With the Visibility feature, it works just about the same (just a couple extra steps for me to open then close the visibility pane as I usually keep it closed).

So the folders would open sideways?

Yep, that’s what I thought I saw. But, maybe I’m imagining things.

Being a Logic X convert this is one of the few things I miss about Logics track stacks, collapsing the folders in the main window would alsao collapse them in the mixer, hopefully cubase will have this someday.

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I put in a feature request asking for something similar to Logic’s Track Stacks which are a beautiful think. Cubase has Logic beat for midi editing though…

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Pro Tools does that.

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