Folder Tracks renaming

Folder tracks cannot be renamed like other tracks by double-clicking the track name in the track list. This was still possible in Cubase 12. Instead, you now have to double-click the track name in the inspector.


They can, but the “system” folder tracks like VST Instruments, Groups, Inputs/Outputs Channels, FX, etc.

Same as it was in all previous Cubase versions.

You are absolutely right with your answer, especially with the statement that nothing has changed in this respect compared to version 12. Please note, however, that I am forced to use system folders for everything, because I want all folder tracks to always remain single line. See my post: “Folder Tracks, single line”. So if you solve the problem with the single line, there will be no more renaming problems.


Then this is not a bug/issue, either user error.

Add the optional feature-request tag, please.

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Please help me. I could not find out how to add a feature-request tag.

Done for you…

To add a tag, just go at the top of your thread and click on the pencil tool : you should see a Tag dropdown list : choose the relevent one(s) and click on the checkbox that validates your edits.

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…but I couldn’t find the pencil tool (see attached screenshot)

Were you connected as an user, when doing this screenshot ?

Yes, I am user of Cubase 13.
I have also a beta-test- and a jira-account for cubase 13.

That’s not what I was asking, but I probably didn’t make myself clear enough.

The actual question was : were you connected as a forum user when doing this screenshot ? I ask this because your screenshot is exactly what I get when not being so…


Do you mean signed-in?

You are right, this might be the reason.

Yep, that’s what I meant… :slightly_smiling_face: