Folder tracks, single-line

I occasionally use the command “all tracks in two lines” (⌥ 2 in my case). Then, I would like the folder tracks to remain single-line. This is also the case, but only for folder tracks for group channels, VCA channels, effect channels or input/output channels and only if these are created automatically by selecting them when creating a group, VCA or effect channel and selecting “within the folder”, but not if these folder tracks were created using “Add Track” (context menu) in the project window. If you want to create other folder tracks that should always remain single-line, you must use the following trick:
i. Duplicate a folder track which always remains single-line, i.e. “effect channels”
ii. Delete all tracks in this duplicate
iii. Rename this folder track (e.g. to Vocals)
iv. change the color of this folder track if necessary
v. Move all tracks you want to have in this folder into this folder
This is cumbersome. Folder tracks should always remain single-line.

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You can put the Groups/FX Channels out of the Folder in the Add Track dialog.

Yes, but that’s not my point. I’m talking about the fact that folder tracks should always remain single-line.

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I would also like this.


I haven’t tried, just thinking laud… What about to make a Macro:

  • Hide All track types but Folders
  • Zoom Tracks 1 Row
  • Show All tracks

Or make a PLE command that works only on the certain types of folder. Then assign it to a key command.

I’ll have a look at this next time the machine is on and see if I can post it up for you.


You cannot control Zoom in PLE.

Hi Martin, this has been possible since C12 as Post Process.

However, putting that into practice is not so straight fwd. :slight_smile: In some cases, the post process works as desired but in some it does not. I think in this case you are most likely correct that it cannot be useful.


The Post Process is not applied just to the objects, which pass the condition. It’s just a command fired after the PLE.

Therefore it sets all tracks to the Zoom Tracks 1 Row.

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Bump. Anyone have any joy here??

Hi, did you find a way to do this?

I have assigned Key Commands to these Macros to zoom in/out tracks. Perhaps they work for you as well.

The only downside with this approach is that you will loose your selection.