folder tracks- soloing and muting behaviour?

Why is it that when a folder track is soloed it’s muted tracks inside the folder get un-muted when the solo is deactivated. The only solution I can find is to mute the folder again. :confused:

Here is a video I have made to demonstrate what I mean. :question:

Hey studiodaz,

I was playing with this after reading your post. I remember, when Folder Tracks came out, them having some devastating effects on some mixes when their mute/solo would destroy a carefully structured muting arrangement within that folder.

What I found is, if you click on mutes, they take precedence over everything and become permanent until clicked individually again. If you mute all the tracks in the Folder with the Folder’s mute, it’s not permanent and will be overridden by the solo. It is a bit odd that it just can’t go back to the previous state (which was mute via the Folder-mute)!
This must be some crazy coding issue that results from the fact that soloing in Cubase is not on a solo bus—it’s just muting everything else.

I like, and rely upon, the current behaviour in Cubase. But, I can certainly see an argument for it behaving the way you’re expecting. It should be a preference—or even made into a toggle on the Folder Track.

…and there are a couple more severe issues with folders.

here’s two threads i made about them; one got dismissed as ‘intended behaviour’ (the one regarding actual muted events> within folder tracks). the second i was told has been filed for correction.