Folder tracks weirdness?

I have a project with two folder tracks, and inside each track, several audio tracks.

When I click and drag one of these folders, I can move it ahead or earlier in the timeline without problem. I don’t need to select all the audio tracks inside, I simply click and drag the folder track.

The other folder, also with several audio tracks inside, if I do the same, it moves while I have the mouse button pressed, but as soon as I release it, it bounces back to where it was. The only way to move those tracks left or right is to select all of them.

I tried moving all those tracks out of that folder, deleting that folder, then selecting all the tracks again, right click, choose “move selected tracks to a new folder”, and that didn’t change anything.

Enabling group editing in that folder track doesn’t change anything, not that it matters because the other one doesn’t have that enabled.

What could be the reason for this?

The only thing I can think of is that the UN-movable tracks are locked. I get this behavior when I have locked tracks.

Nope. Checked that.