Folder tracks with output routing

I tend to use folder tracks to group tracks as I send them to output stereo pairs to external mixer. One folder for drums, one for bass, one for guitars and so on. Everything in each folder is going to corresponding output bus.

It would be nice to be able to define output bus for folder track, and have it automatically send all tracks in folder to defined output bus. As alternative, I would welcome an option in preferences, like “lock folders to output bus” or “lock folder to group” which would enable automatic routing of tracks in folder to coresponding output bus or group.

Thus when track would be moved between folders, or moved into folder, its output routing would automatically be changed to send it to desired group and/or output bus.


Good idea indeed.

That is a good idea.


Put a group track in the folder and run all of the tracks in the folder track through the group track?

Ableton’s Live 8 does this and it’s a fantastic feature and time saver.

Any screenshots?

Reaper does this also. Child tracks (folder children) automatically feed the parent folder output bus. No screenies to post since it’s the surest way to meet the lounge prematurely.

So the inference here is that steinberg don’t read lounge threads “out of sight out of mind”?

I don’t think so mate.

It takes around 5 seconds or less to assign as many tracks you like to a specified output. You select them all with a mouse + SHIFT and then assign output in any of selected tracks while holding SHIFT+ALT.

Who said steinberg never listen?

Now hopefully they can make a “merge tracks” feature for MIDI and potentially audio.

It is no problem assigning, clearly. Select and shift takes a second only (if using only audio tracks). Intrument tracks you have to route separately in mixer window, which means locating every instrument track manually, find it in mixer and reroute it. Ehhh…, it gets messy eventually.

And it gets quite a bit more messy, when you move tracks between folders, or create new tracks within folders, or create tracks outside folders and then move them to folders. Surely you forget about routing, then you have some routed here, some there, by mistake. For every moved or newly created track within folder, you need to take care of output routing. Usually I forget to route newly created instrument tracks, which can be routed only from mixer (have no idea why is that…)

So, when is time for final mixdown, or when exporting mix stems, i need to check every track output in mixer window, to check that all tracks in folder are routed properly. It is a waste of time, and I hate checking say 100 channels for proper routing, plus mistakes can happen. If I want all my tracks within certain folder to route to certain output, then some kind of automatic output routing for folder would be an elegant solution.

In principle it is a good idea, but if implemented would it not result in yet another half-baked Steinberg feature, like for example track presets that can only be applied to audio and VST instrument tracks and nothing else?

Which reminds me of, why are group tracks allways created in group folder??? If I need a group track in certain folder, have a track selected there, right-click on it and create group, I have to go all the way down, open group folder, grab that newly created group, and drag it all the way next to my track, on which I right-clicked in the first place, to create group track. Then I can go back down again, and close group folder, if i want to… :laughing: Then I can go again all the way up, and manually reroute outputs of tracks to group.

I think group tracks should be created where you click to create them. Or at least there should be option like ctrl-right-click or something. This chasing group tracks up/down is a bit off.

Selecting several tracks, right-clicking and creating group next to them and automatically routing selected tracks to group, that would be a way to do it.

I dont know how Steinberg decides to go for it, if at all, but half-baking is not a good way to run cookie business. :ugeek:

Things could be done properly, I’m sure, or at least in a better way. But they may not be done at all, or they may be half-baked, we will just need to wait and see. :sunglasses:

I think the problem is internal summing -vs- audio -vs- container eg it is likely not to happen unless of course VST 3.5/ASIO 2.2 supports it or some higher version of the latter.

I don’t know coding stuff and internal :question: , I just know what might come handy while mixing. We do music, and we are charged by Steinbers well (not cheap softy), and repeatedly, so that others can do the hard work of coding.

I’m happy C6 user, it works fine for me, using it since forever, I can use it no problem as it is now, even if there is never again any update or upgrade, and never again any new version. I paid for it well (summing it all through years), and I can use it as good as I want. I can live with it as it is. Steinberg, on the other hand, can’t. They need to make it NEW, and they will, in order to make money off it.

We share some guidelines here, for Steinberg, if they wish to listen. If they make it happen, I’ll be happy. If not, I’ll be fine too. :wink:

I think Steiny err each time they mention “Multi-output VST” or “Movable Frozen Parts” and come off looking pretty dumb in that regard, yet say nothing about how simple features such as track presets work or why they won’t implement more send busses/quick controls for example.

It’s kind of difficult holding your tongue when you know things could be better, however about your FR, yes I totally agree the platform should be wholly ubiquitous and easy to use, not implementation after implementation after sub system after core semantic.

Anyway, I’m probably running the risk now of being flamed and/or guested for pointing out deficiencies in the software which obviously you have targeted as well, so all the best to you.

Nothing I can find but if you download the demo it shouldn’t be too hard to see how it works.

What I really like about it is that it lets your arrangement of tracks equal your routing. Not that you always want such simple routing but if you do it’s great to be able to just dump stuff together in the arrange and have it route automatically.

Ok, would be nice then to have a steiny dev comment on any and all issues in this regard ie preset/routing configurations/conflagrations.