Folder WRITE protected???

Dear Community!
All in ALL i am VERY happy with Music Studio,
but scince i’ve learned how to create an OWN
Project-FOLDER… a new Prob appeared!

WHAT i’ve learned before, is this:

I entered the iCloud Files-App and found the
Music Studio-Folder under “ON MY IPHONE”.
I entered THAT, and created a Folder THERE,
with the Name Cosmo-Projects.
Until HERE it a normal thing… and this Folder DOES appear in Music Studio’s PROJECT-List!
But; when i try to SAVE a Project INSIDE my new Folder…i get a Warning-Message that says:

"This Folder is write protected! The Project will be saved in the MAIN-Folder!"

Well, OK i thought… and tried to find out how to REMOVE that Write-Protection…either inside the Files-App, or somewhere inside Music Studio!

Now… i found NOTHING, and… i am completly helpless. Even if i make Music over 30 Years…that does’nt help at all, when it comes to such “hidden Secret”!
I DO know how to remove Write-Protection under a Windows OS, but… never ever heard about WP on an iPhone or iPAD.
Please; is there ANYBODY who can HELP with this?
I like to have a clean Folder-Structure…like i have with my CUBASE-Projects, but…after googling Hours… i’ve ended in a “Dead End Street”.
Many, MANY Thanks for any Tip!
Greetz from Germany,

Hi Cosmo,

Thank you for reporting this issue!

We looked into this issue and found that the folder is not write protected at all, but that it’s a Music Studio bug.
The next update will include a fix for this. Until then, it’s not possible to save files into folders that were created with the iOS Files app, sorry!

To summarize, the Files app can be used to organize projects into folders, but when you edit a project in Music Studio and want to save it, it can only be saved into the top level folder. You would then have to manually move the saved project into your custom folder with the Files app again.