First: thanks for the update.
For the folder update, the help is’nt realy helpfull. How can i create a new folder within the app?
How can i create a subfolder in a new folder?
How can i copy a file from a folder to another?
And without buttons to step up and down in the folder hierarchy, it will become very messy.
Regards, Jan

I made my comments in the annoucement Cubasis v 1.4 topic but I want to add the following comment to inform the Cubasis dev team.

When you first select the “audio” media, it follows the folders hierarchy, which is imho the right way to show the folders, but after few seconds Cubasis sorts everything by its name and makes a mess of everything (let alone the problems which I indicated in the other post). So please, can we have the folders to follow their initial hierarchy ? And also could the other problems be fixed ?

Thank you so much for your understanding and your hard work.

@starcorp: I create folders and subfolders with my PC and the program DiskAid.

Thanks for the tip.
I had already ifunbox and it works also.

BUT, the resulting folder structure is worthles. Because there are no folders in folder posible. Everything is messed up!


crohde, would you please check the folder funktion.
organize sounds and sample libraries is very important. at least for me :smiley: