"folders.501" in MediaBay

MediaBay is listing possibly 200 (I haven’t counted) empty folders all called “folders.501” in the root of an external drive housing some libraries. Revealing any of these in Finder (I’m on macOS) takes me to the same hidden, empty folder called “Temporary Items” on that drive - just one, not hundreds - which was last modified a year ago.

Has anyone encountered this? I believe it has something to do with Trash, but the bin has been emptied and rescanning the drive doesn’t change anything.

Similar strangeness has been reported on this forum before.
Try deleting the “mediabay3.db” file.
On Windows it’s located here:
%Appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase [version number]_64
Don’t know about Mac.

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll have to try that. Don’t like the idea of deleting the db file. This suggests I’ll need to setup MediaBay from scratch.

I did search the forums for “folders.501” but nothing was returned.

I don’t believe so. I think the MediaBay configurations are stored in a different file. You could just move the file to a different location for safe keeping and see what happens.

Just an update on this: after a reboot of my machine (unrelated), I notice the folders are gone from MediaBay. So… yeah. Who knows what that was about. :man_shrugging: