Folders and Parts - Please FIX THIS its been driving me crazy for YEARS!

The problem persists into cubase 9. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why its been allowed to go on this long.


I can’t reproduce this but I might be doing the steps wrong. Can you record a video of this?

Here is a video with an existing project, I’ll create one from scratch next.

Here’s the link to the video:


Here is a video outlining the creation of the problem from scratch. Basically unless all the parts are in folder states that are similar, some will disappear from within the editor once an edit is made.

Were you able to check the videos out?


Can confirm that this happens in both Cubase 9.0.30 and Cubase 9.5.

Good video! but just to be clear, the midi data isn’t gone, it’s just deleted from the current pianoview correct? going back into arrangement window shows that the data is still there. I seems Cubase gets confused when combining different track classes in consolidated view.
This should be fixed for sure, but you’ve given several solutions/workarounds yourself
only combine the same track classes in consolidated view:
folder + folder
midi + midi
or unfold midi within the folder first.

all 3 boil down to 1 rootcause: don’t select folders :slight_smile: select individual tracks. (not pretty, I know, but that’s your answer)

Yeah, the midi only disappears from the editor view and is still there in the arrange window. The work arounds work, but its super frustrating when you’re working and forgot to collapse a folder and all you have to reselect the midi.

thanks for confirming it. Hopefully they can fix it.


it might be by design, as you can put any track class into a folder track, audio midi arrange etc.

Possibly, in which case using it for midi orchestration might be a bit more troublesome. I’ve already rethought my workflow, but not having folders makes things so much harder when trying to work out midi. sections with each other.


it shouldn’t be to troublesome as long as you unfold? I agree that Cubase could be smarter, understanding that you only want to edit midi events if you select a folder directly rather than all midi parts in it. not sure if the folder track reacts differently when you also have other track classes in there either mixed or exclusively.

Its actually very troublesome. With very large palletes with multiple folders and nested subfolders it makes the whole process very touch and go. Also if inspiration strikes and you add a midi track for a new instrumentbut forget to put it in a folder that’s in the same state as the group of instruments you want to edit it with, you get the same problem… it slows you down as you’re writing, a whole lot… I’ve been in the middle of intense edits and the tracks disappear and then I have to searching for the part that isn’t folded. Trust me, I’m not being a prima donna here…its really annoying and makes the editing and writing process just that much more insecure and time consuming.


Dear Cubase Developers…please fix this. This issue alone is seriously making me reconsider your sequencer which I’ve been using forever.