Folders (collapsing changes screen location)

It’s really annoying, if I close the folder among other things my screen location jumps and I have to scroll to find where I was again.

What is this?

Searched to see if it was a preference but no luck.

Using 6.0.3 and 10.6.8

noticed this new “feature”, too, and don´t like it…

I don’t even get what it’s supposed to help…

Is it a feature or a bug? (serious question)

Seriously, can someObe clarify what this is? It’s really annoying when u have huge projects

Same as this…? Is this not fixed in 6.0.3?

Very annoying time waster…

yes i’ve noticed the same, the joke is that when you click on a folder to look inside, you have to scroll to find the folder.
I don’t understand the use of it :confused:

What has Steinberg offered as an explanation?

If you have not, would someone please do so?

Very disappointing - Issue ID 28859 is called out as being resolved at 6.0.3 in the Version history.

I’ve not updated yet; will keep an eye on the boards here though, see how it goes… :wink: