Folders created in root of C Drive

Windows 10 / Version 1
When I run VST Live (Full version)
It creates empty folders in the root of my C Drive, see screen shot.
These are identical to the folders in the C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\VSTLive

Steps top repro:

  • Start a new project

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Hi @Spork any thoughts on this? Do you need more info. Maybe the ini file?

Found it, very sorry for that one! update is scheduled very soon and will obviously fix this, thanks for finding. You may safely remove those folders, but until fixed, they will re-appear as soon as you try to save an “untitled” project. Very sorry for that. However, those folders do no harm whatsoever.

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Thank you, glad you found it. :slight_smile:

Yes of course, not harmful, thanks :slight_smile: