Folders for Layouts (suggestion)

For Dorico files with multiple flows, each of which is a separate work from the others, the list of Layouts can become overloaded with scores and parts.

It would be greatly helpful to be able to group them by Flow or by Part. A Create Folder option in the Layouts panel would be most welcome!


Hi David and welcome to the forum,

I agree - and not just for layouts. Folders would be a really useful addition to Dorico - there are many places where having them would make things a lot easier. Anywhere where you’re scrolling through lists would benefit from them.


Folders, folders, folders. Yes, very much needed for Layouts, Expression Maps, and more.

Managing long lists is really needed in an app that contains many long lists. Remember when DAW’s didn’t have folders? Who could do without them now?

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Folders would be nice.

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