Folders for Logical Presets

Does anyone else agree that it would be useful to offer the option of adding new folders when saving new presets in the Logical Editor?

It would be useful to keep channel changes separate to transpositions and scale changes for example.

Are there not enough MIDI users out there to make this worthwhile?

Could you not create new folders in the Cubase application folder/presets/logical edit and move your presets into them?

A small workaround.

You can do that, but then you would have to drop the presets into the folder outside Cubase.

When you save the preset it does not give a folder option. You could load a preset from the folder that you want to save to, but that means editing that preset.

Yes it does…

There does not seem to be an option for selecting folder on my Cubase (5.5.2) Was it added later?

No sorry I didn’t mean that :laughing:

I shouldn’t read so fast!!!