Folders for selected timeline parts

I hope I can explain this idea well enough.

How about if timeline could be divided into sections and you could hide the parts you are not working atm to timeline folders…

I’m working on a tv series now and I have all the episodes (8) in one project. This is to have easy acces to sounds used previously in the episodes. It would be very cool if I could hide parts of the timeline just like you can hide tracks in to folder tracks.
Then when needed, open the timeline folder to do what you need to do, then close it again.


You’re thinking about this “horizontally”, yes? So if you are working on episode 4 and it lies between 04:00:00:00 and 04:30:00:00 for example, you could “collapse” the “timeline folder” between session start at 01:00:00:00 and 04:00:00:00? And then if you needed an effect from episode 2 you’d just open that “folder” which would “unfold” 02:00:00:00-:03:00:00:00?

Intuitively it seems like a can of worms. May I ask what the current implementation does that is a problem or is less efficient? After all you have both markers and cycle markers you can use.

You understood correctly…

Just an idea to be able to minimize what lies on my screens… I don’t see this can of worms.

Bye/ Tumppi

Well, the issue I’m thinking of is really on the programming side of things. Conceptually it’s fine. If it’s a solid feature that’s optional then I don’t mind if it’s there and you are using it. But I would be worried about what developing such a feature could do in terms of bugs. It seems like a pretty easy thing conceptually, but I’m not sure it’s necessarily easy to do in terms of programming. But what do I know… I’m not a programmer :slight_smile:

I see so that it does not affect anything on the timeline, just hides stuff.

So I don’t see how it is dangerous.

It took how many weeks to get VCAs working?

Like I said, I’m not against the functionality per se, I’m just saying that it seems to me to have the potential of creating issues when programming it, and to me it wouldn’t be worth the effort considering that risk.

One risk I could see is what to do with objects that ‘straddle’ the ‘border’ of the folder. Do they get included in the folder or lay outside? Split maybe? Would you be able to mute the folder, and if so would those ‘straddlers’ be affected? Coding would also have to take into account that show/hide commands/agents would need priorities set between the horizontal visibility (tracks etc) versus the vertical one (I think).

And so on. I don’t mean to be argumentative, I’m just giving my view on it.