"Folders" in mixer view - Yea/Nay?

I was wondering about the idea of having “folders” in the mixer panel that could be collapsed to save room, or expanded to be adjusted in detail.

For example: A “vocal channel” may have many channels associated with it: a parallel path group channel or two, and channels for each of several plugins (not loading them all up in one channel for the sake of more flexibility mixing, and also possibly to spread the load among cores better). And that’s just for the lead vocal … it would be potentially repeated in large part for each BV, etc.!

All that takes valuable space up in the mixer view, with the usual consequences of not just having to scroll more, but also adding “clutter” to the view.

I know that kind of thing can already be done with mixer view presets, but I find that a bit of a pain in the uh-huh to set up and work with. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t given it enough time to work with it.

So I was thinking … wouldn’t it be nice to have a folder in the mixer view to collapse all the “Vocal” channels into one “Vocal Folder”, for example while working on drums? In other words, a collapsible folder like in the project view, to get it out of the way visually for the moment.

Does anyone think this is a good idea? Bad idea?

Please chime in here and let me know what you think … I’m just a home hobbyist without a lot of “real” experience.

(And if somehow that feature is already there but I am not aware … :open_mouth: please let me know!).


Intuitively it sounds like something I would not want to see. Obviously if it’s optional and one can set a preference for it then it’d be fine, but to me it seems like maybe one too many things to keep track of in terms of visibility.

If you aren’t doing it yet, another way of going about viewing un-viewing things is using VCAs. If you connect all your ‘kinds’ of instruments to a VCA, you can simply select the VCA and then choose the “view channels connected to first selected” or whatever it’s called. That will show all of those channels and no others, and after you’re done you can undo the visibility change…

I’ll check that out, thanks much.

I think with the existing Visibility settings we already have “folders” in the Mixer view. Group Tracks appear in their own Folder, same for FX channels, and, those can also be moved. Other tracks can also be grouped into logical patterns and sent to Sub-Groups. So, I like the idea of folders for the Mixer, but, I think the existing visibility controls already give me much, if not all, of the benefits that this would allow.

What I’d really like to be able to do is move tracks around on the Mixer and have them be re-arranged on the Project main window. Cheers.