Folders, Lanes and Grouping

I’m doing a lot of drum tracking lately. I’ll record 13 tracks at a time for 3 or 4 passes of a song and the comp them together to make one good take(I’m a better engineer than drummer). I have all 13 tracks in a ‘drums’ folder in the arrange window. And have the tracks in lanes enabled mode.

Currently, to make comping easier, I’ll finish a take. Then group all the tracks from that take together, do another take, group all the tracks together, do another take, etc… Then when it’s time to comp, I’ll slice up the takes and mute them according to which take is best in each section. It works okay, as long as I remember to group the tracks after recording. If I don’t remember, I have to shift select each take of 13 tracks and group them… It can get really annoying.

Anybody else find a better way to do this?

I wish Steinberg would make it so the folder track displayed lanes so you could do the comping in the folder track and not have to deal with all the individual tracks… Maybe someday.

Nuendo 5.5 will have this feature, to be expected before summer.