Folders: three things...

A Feature Request post from v8 days…

For a newbie; or for me… I know quite a bit of how Cubase works, and applying some of that logic, it would still at v10 be a very intuitive thing to do. Don’t you think.? :-

  1. Create a load of empty tracks.
  2. Create a Folder Track - put several of the tracks from 1 in it.
  3. Set a Locator range.
  4. Double-click in empty space on the Folder Track - because (for whatever reason), I’m thinking, I want Events created on all the tracks in the folder.
  5. But wait; the result is of course, nothing happens. Maybe apply Group Editing button on Folder…? Try double-click again. Nothing happens.
  6. Try a Double-click in empty space on one of the tracks - result.! An Event is created; but only on this track…
    etc, etc…

Ok, not a big deal; I’m not totally stuck…

But, its all about the ‘intelligence’…! Follow a concepts workflow through, across the program. :smiley:

Secondly, re-sizing the split-point on a Folder Track (by dragging with that tool that looks like the ‘divider tool’). I’d want this to affect all the contained tracks… But, can’t be done. It only works on the Events themselves, if Group Editing is enabled on the Folder. Remember, I’m wanting to re-size both sides of the split point at the same time. No overlapping.

If the tracks are outside of a Folder, select all the Events, and see that this ‘divder tool’ only works on the one track you do the ‘sliding’ on; it doesn’t affect any of the other selected Events.! Whereas, you would think it would…

What is this tool actually called anyway (can’t search in the manual otherwise…!)

Thirdly, Add track -> Folder track; the dialog box doesn’t allow any naming of the folder track here; would be nice.

Creating events on multiple tracks would be very nice.
If multiple track are selected, drawing in an event should create an event on all the selected tracks.
This way we wouldn’t need to move the locators or double click. :smiley: