Hi ,

iI set up a shortcut for hide all automations and unfortunately when i used it it close also the folders .

is there any way to just hide the automation without closing the folders ?
cubase 8.5 macbook pro


It works as expected here on my Cubase 8.5.20 on Mac. Only automation tracks are closed.

Are you talking about common Folders, or are these some “system” folders like “Instrument Returns”, FX, Groups, etc?


What do you mean by “hide all automations”?


There is the “Hide All Automation” function, in the Key Commands window (Automation folder), so you can assign custom Key Command to this function.

Martin ,

First of all I assigned “Hide all automation” to a key . then i take two tracks and put it in a folder (move selected tracks to a new folder) . now when ever I use this key , it close my folder obviously if there is automation , it close the automation as well . this is what i mean . maybe i use the wrong command ? is there any other one ?

can you please try to do it the way i do it ? and let me know if it works differently


Your scenario is exactly what I did. I tested it again, and it works here.

Is the result the same, when you call the function from menu (Project > Track Folding > Hide All Automation)?

To me it sounds more like the “Fold Tracks” function is triggered instead of the “Hide All Automation”.

I triple checked , its not track folding , there is actually no key assigned to this command (track folding) .
the one i use is from automation - hide all automation .

there is no such thing (Project > Track Folding > Hide All Automation ) there is Project > Track folding .


Do you have Cubase Pro or Artist?


I men, no in the Key Commands window, but in menu. Can you see this Command in the menu?