Foldertracks 2.0

Avid have raised the par on foldertracks. Please SB, counter strike.

Routing Folder Tracks sounds very promising in PT! Would be nice to have this in Nuendo as well.

Agreed. The ability to simply move a track into a different folder and have routing follow for stems would be nice.

Definitely +1 for the routing

+1 Been begging for this for ages.

+1 Sounds like a great feature.

Although I fully support the request as such, I really don’t use folders as much as I used to. With the flexible visibility agents system I don’t open and close folders as much as I used to.

This just gave me an idea to see how it would feel to work without folders.

#Me too

But, with this routing addition I might change how I work as you can still use visibility agents with folder tracks.

Bye / Tumppi

A great update would be “save folder(s) with content as Preset”!


I’m definitely in. Asked for such a feature a long time ago. Other’s already have it for a looong time (e.g. Logic, Reaper). Would be nice addition to Nuendo. It allows for good workflow and organisation improvement.