Folks, how would I do this in the Logical Editor?

Just say I select 10 MIDI notes and want to change the 5th note to D4? Of course I know I can just go into the key editor and move the note up to D4, but for this specific purpose I want to write a logical editor preset that chains together several of these commands. So I could select 10 notes and with one button “change 2nd note to C1, change 4th note to G3, change 6th note to E5, change 9th note to D6” etc.

If any of you out there could help me with this I would be forever grateful! I’ve tried looking through the various presets as a starting block but can’t find anything that helps me with this particular task.

I’m afraid that is all way beyond the scope of the Logical Editor (but I admire your optimism :wink: )
The closest you could get would be to write a Logical Editor preset for each of those operations, then trigger them, in turn, via a Macro (but you’d have done it manually in less than a third of the time necessary to set up all that :wink: )

I knew you’d be the first to reply vic_france! I’ve found many of your replies to other posters on here to be very helpful! :slight_smile: Anyway, how exactly would I even go about doing it once for one note? What is the command to select a certain note in a selected range of notes?

For “Select the fifth note and change it to D4”…

Upper section…
Type is___Equal___Note___and
Last Event___Equal___Eventcounter___5

Lower Section…
Value 1___Set to fixed value___D4
Function = “Transform”

(or, for example, if you wanted to change every fifth note…5, 10, 15, 20 etc.)…

Upper section…
Type is___Equal___Note___and
Last Event___Every Other Event___Eventcounter___5

Cheers vic_france, helpful as always! :slight_smile: