Follow Chord Track with Midi KeySwitches

Hey all,

Love the idea of the chord track, but was wondering how to set it up so that Keyswitches don’t transpose when I set a track to ‘follow chords’ in the inspector.

I really like the idea of being able to transpose and audition different progressions on the fly. However, is it possible to do when I’m using instruments that have midi notes as keyswitches.
That is, if I’m using tracks that have keyswitches in the lower bass range(violins going from spic. to pizz. to leg.) iis it possible to exclude the keyswitch notes from being transposed when I set the track to “follow chords” in the inspector.


Not possible. If you use Expression Maps instead the problem will be solved.

Gotcha. I’ve never used them. Are they fairly simple to implement, that is, is it possible to have Keyswitches be filtered as expressions and recorded as such or do they need to be drawn in?

It does have a learning curve- how steep for you I couldn’t say. :slight_smile: Yes, you can play them in using the “Remote Keys”.

I’m looking into them now. They’ll be ok for instruments whose keyswitches I know well but will make loading things on the fly a bit more difficult.

Note that certain VST 3 instruments make their keyswitches known to Cubase, you can load them using the Import Keyswitch button.