Follow in score mode playback

I forgot how to do this and scanned the score documentation trying to find without succeeding.


Do you mean the Page Mode?

Yes page mode. I remember vaguely pressing some key or combination, to be at a point on the score and then when played, it would follow the score, as in drum and melody editors.


Scores > Page Mode. By default, there is no Key Command assigned.

OK Page mode or not page mode, When showing score, it doesn’t matter. There is no cursor following the music playback. I used to have it doing so just as it does in drum editor or key editor.


Press the F key to enable Auto-scroll, please.

I engaged the letter F key, but still no scrolling cursor. A blue vertical bar appears before the staff on which measures are playing and jumps before the next staff when the measures on one complete, but there is nothing showing nor moving by in the measures as with the other editors.


Did you enable the Auto-scroll in the Score Editor?

Could you attach a screenshot, of what you can see? And find some picture, what you wold expect?