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Hey guys,
it would be very nice to have the option to follow the main pan for the sends all the time.
There is the option to link panners at the moment however there are some flaws with that option…

  1. if you had panned the main track first, then add a send, the pan does not immediately follow at the moment. You have to move the pan to “update” the pan on the sends. Then it works as expected. But new sends should follow the main pan immediately.
  2. when automating the main pan by a tool (with a mouse, not recording automation) the pan on the sends does not follow. It follows when automating in realtime… as in recording automation to track. But it doesn’t work when you draw in the automation by hand.

Please fix this as soon as possible as it is really annoying to be alert all the time, if the send pan is following correctly or not.

Hi folks
I’m new to mixing and I didn’t realise that “Follow Main Pan” or “Link Panners” was a “thing” until recently.
It seems sensible for me at least to enable this linking on every track as a default behaviour.
I have turned the preference on, so that new tracks are created with this feature, but is there a way that I can change the behaviour of ALL existing tracks?
I can only seem to do it on a single track basis at the moment which is a bit of a pain having to go through ALL existing tracks in this way.
Happy New Year


Unfortunately there is no way, how to do this at once.


Thanks again Martin.

I continued experimenting yesterday after I posted and the only way I’ve found to change this particular behaviour on ALL existing tracks is to use the copy and paste channel settings but clearly that copies EVERY setting for the channels including Levels, Panning, Sends and Inserts. Fine if you are starting from scratch and just have your bare tracks stacked in the mixer but not if like me you already have some of these populated and adjusted during the composition and arranging process.

A selective copy and paste function would have been quite helpful here I feel.

Happy 2021


One more idea (sorry, I haven’t tested it). What would happen, if you would Import Tracks from Project?

You would import already existing tracks from the current project back to the current project. When you Import the tracks, Cubase has to create the track. Maybe it would set the track to the ‘Link Panner’ mode in this case.

Copy is selective already… you can only copy one send… but it doesn’t help you with your problem to set all panners to follow channel pan instantly…

@Martin.Jirsak I’ve just tried your suggestion of Import Tracks but unfortunately when imported they exhibit the channel behaviour of the project from which they are imported NOT the new project behaviour.

@st10ss I’m not sure you grasped my meaning. Maybe the images below will illustrate for me.

Maybe I am alone in thinking that a change to the default copy and paste behaviour would be a sensible thing. The default being that - copying channel settings from one channel and pasting them to others (the first screenshot) copies every setting and plugin - fader level, panning, inserts, sends etc, etc from the copied channel.
It would seem sensible to me, rather than to have this copy everything behaviour, to be a little more selective. Channel Links (I know it’s a different kettle of fish) already have a similar type of selection available to them - my second screenshot, but unfortunately this just copies the panner settings NOT the Link Panner behaviour.

As I say maybe I am clutching at straws here that nobody else considers to be worth grabbing but my dozen or so recent project files with hundreds of tracks (mainly instrument tracks) between them are now heading for mixing and none of the tracks have Linked Panners - I face a RSI inducing task to link them ALL before mixing properly.


On one hand I’m glad Cubase imports the settings as it was in the original project. At the other hand, for your case, it would be better, if Cubase wouldn’t do this.

Btw, you are not alone, I saw this very same request in the past few times already.

You can copy parts of the settings already…

In the mixing console you are able to copy/paste sections of the channel strip without affecting other sections…

Just to allow a different view:
on the A&H dLive consoles you can copy a section (EQ, Comp, Gate) with selective copy and the paste will only apply the parameters of that section to the targets no matter how you select them…
That makes it very fast to apply same settings to many channels.

Hi Steffen
So how does that translate into what I want to achieve within Cubase itself?
I’m a “within the box” type of producer.

you did a feature request? Or don’t you?


In Cubase, you can drag and drop for example all Inserts to another channel. Do so to drag and drop the Inserts header in the MixConsole. If you don’t press any modifier, it will copy the Inserts, if you hold down Alt, it will move all Inserts.

You can do the same with EQ pr Strip. You can do the same with the Sends too. But the Link Panner settings is not overtaken from the source track.

It has nothing to to with in or out the box… just a different way…

If you only copy the panner settings from one channel
and select more than one target channels and press Strg+V you paste only the panner information to all target channels
the idea is to select the parameters you will copy first by sending this to the copy “buffer” and then you can forget about that setting to apply it correctly, just apply it to all the targets without speciefying what you trying to paste… you only have the wanted parameters copied…
You don’t need a dialog to configure :wink:

I hope it’s understandable… and I think this is a great idea to handle copy and paste.

but unfortunately it doesn’t help in your current situation

@st10ss and @Martin.Jirsak
Hi folks, thanks for all your inputs, I appreciate it.

I will do a feature request for the ability to be able to Link Panners globally on existing tracks or at least to be able to easily switch it on for multiple tracks at once.

This topic is already tagged as feature request…
So we did it already :thinking:

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in regards to @hywel

I’ve only skim read so apologies if I’m missing something or not getting it…

but, couldn’t you use Q-Link and a reference track?

in regards to the OP, I agree with the suggestions

no this doesn’t help, was already suggested (in an other topic…)
the “Quick link” doesn’t affect the panner linking or even we could not made it

we had two topics discussing the same problem recently…