Follow Sample Playback does not work

When I make a granular sample or use a factory preset with one and then go to the sample editor, the ‘Follow Sample Playback’ feature does not work for MIDI note triggers. The playback indicator will show when I click the Play button on the editor, but not when triggered by a midi device.

Hi Jim,
“Follow Sample Playback” in the sample editor is related to the “original” sample. If you change a sample zone into a grain zone the playback mode is completely different and thus the playback of the “original sample” becomes inactive so to speak. Even though it is possible to change parameters like sample-start, sample-end, loop-settings, … for the “grained” sample, it doesn’t apply to “Follow Sample Playback”. The Play button reflects it correctly because only the"original sample" will be played.

best regards
Gerrit Junge

Thank you. That does make sense.

However, it would help a little if the playback pointer ‘followed’ the wavetable-derived samples so we can see which parts of the original sample caused various artifacts or problems.

I guess lining up the envelope display (which does follow playback) with the same-sized sample above it, will work to accomplish this.