Follow turns on when clicking on parts in time warp

turn following on, tick option to automatically turn off following temporarily while editing. (i use the non-stationary cursor.)

  1. play a loop, zoom in, scroll a little or start editing, following turns off (orange).
  2. use time-warp-tool. click on a part (other then previously active): following turns on (white).

this is really not what you expect or want, since after you decided to warp, you want that spot to stay in place after selecting it, not starting to scroll out of sight.

and actually: turning back on following automatically annoys me most of the times it happens, for example when jumping back to some marker, or last point, or even navigating one bar - thats for playback! i f%ng still want to observe the part i zoomed to. that could be some option, but i can’t find any.

Can you please post some GIF or video so we can know what your issue is about exactly ?

As of 12.0.50, I am able to use the Free Warp tool on different Events during playback and the Auto-Scroll remains disabled until I hit Stop or enable it again. I see no bug here.

When jumping between Markers during playback, Auto-Scroll effectively turns back on, simply because it does the following : Stop → Move Cursor to Marker → Play.
The description of Suspend Auto-Scroll When Editing says : “If this option is activated, auto-scrolling is suspended as soon as you click anywhere in the event display during playback until playback stops or until you click Auto-Scroll again.”, so it works as intended.

I think the best for you is to use the F key to toggle Auto-Scroll manually.

here you go:

note that playback is reset to the point i click (although it is not into nothing).

haha - and note, how i scroll back and forth due to Horizontal Scrolling inverted / opposite between Windows and Mac

and yeah, works as intended if you accept, that jump to position during playback counts as play, but it breaks the workflow, most likely for everybody. i’d highly prefer to press f if i wanted to in such cases. can’t think of a use case where the current behaviour on jumping makes sense. especially when i just zoom in to some detail but don’t set a special loop before i want to jump back again on demand and again, till solved. on the other hand pressing play to continue following doesn’t break anything at all.