Follow-up Regarding eLicenser Discontinuation

Dear Steinberg customers,

Steinberg’s announcement to change the licensing system in the foreseeable future has raised questions that we are happy to answer as we progress — please understand that most details cannot be revealed at this stage but will be addressed ongoing in the months to come.

Today I want to reassure you on the raised concerns regarding the license migration.

Implementing new license management technology does not entail abandoning our perpetual license model. Rather, it means improving your customer experience and making way for new opportunities. It also doesn’t mean that your dongle will no longer work from one day to the next. I ensure that ample time will be provided to migrate your licenses to the new system. Until then, licenses stored on the dongle will remain fully functional.

I hope this sheds light on the concerns posed here and elsewhere.


Frank Simmerlein
Director of Corporate Affairs