Font "Academico Condensed medium" missing....


after updating to D3.x the following happens if I…

  1. create a new file from scratch or using an standard template (e.g. leadsheet).
  2. save the file with no further edits
  3. open the saved file - an error message occurs.

    The missing font is not installed on my mac:

    Any ideas what’s wrong here?
    Thanks in advance

See Dorico Pro 3 Academico missing - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Yes, this is “nothing to worry about”. It happens because you’ve selected a font with type-styles that Academico doesn’t have, and because Dorico’s Paragraph Styles ‘cascade’, it sometimes thinks you’re trying to set a Paragraph Style with Academico instead of your custom font.

Try re-applying some of the Paragraph Styles, but otherwise, just click through.