Font Bug?

There’s a font I’m trying to use that isn’t displaying properly when I’m using it within the score. I have another font from the same family in use and it’s fine but this one just shows up as a default (unicode?) font. Are there any known font issues with the current version of Dorico? Or any reasons why Dorico might not like to display my font properly? It works fine in all other applications.

Which font specifically is having issues?

How doesn’t it display properly? What do you mean by “it shows up as a default font”? What OS are you on? What is the name of the font?
What do you do, what happens when you do it, and what doesn’t happen that you would expect to?

I’ve attached a few screenshots. I’m on OSX 10.12.6.

I suspect there’s something about the way the font is named that’s tripping Dorico up. Can you send me the font? (Just for the purposes of testing.)