Font Customization... with a twist...

The project window, track names font. Even after years, I couldn’t still get used to track name font in Cubase.

I know it has been asked many times, to have this feature. Apparently it’s not being implemented, probably because Steinberg won’t let its software seen with, say, Comic Sans :slight_smile:

So the solution is, we can have 3 fonts to choose from. They are built into Cubase. Steinberg chooses, implements it.

Everybody wins!

EDIT: One of the fonts could be a condensed type font, making more text fit in smaller area.

+1 There should be one of the fonts which is like Impact = narrow and yet very readable. Because some of us use long track names, it’s 21st Century so I’ve figured we should be able to.

Thank you, Steinberg!