Font dialog cut off

I’m noticing some scenarios where the font options box is cut off at the top, and I can’t adjust the screen to get it in view.

I can zoom and find a way to get it, but it’s a bit of a hindrance.

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Why can’t you scroll the page up a bit so that more of the background behind the page is visible?

In this case, I wasn’t able to scroll any further. It’s not in front of me at the moment. It generally happens when I’ve split my screen horizontally… say, Dorico on the top, and Audacity on the bottom.

I see, because you’re already at the top of the page. One doesn’t often edit the title or header text on the page itself.

You can generally still scroll a decent way such that the top of the page is not glued to the top of the viewport, regardless of the size of the project window relative to your overall display.