Font disappeared

I just reinstalled Dorico on a new drive and the Garamond font disappeared. This was my go to font for front material. Anyone know why it disappeared? What font do others use for front material?

What OS?

Is the Garamond font installed on your new drive? If not, reinstall it from your backup and restart Dorico.

To answer your second question, I use Minion Pro for literally everything. Very similar to Garamond, but a little taller x-height, so it’s a tiny bit more legible. Modern, classy, etc.

…and to address your first statement: it’s basically impossible that installing Dorico has removed Garamond from your computer. There has to be another reason that Garamond isn’t on your new “drive”. For instance, it may be that Garamond was installed as part of Microsoft Office, and you haven’t yet installed Office on your new drive (machine?). Possibly you’ve moved to Office 365, which doesn’t have Garamond bundled with it. Either way, this isn’t a Dorico issue.

If you lose any file, you can always recover a copy from your backup. You do have a backup…?

Yes, I do have a backup but I have not yet installed MS Office so that is probably the culprit.