Font error D5, but project is ok

Good morning

Dorico 5 returns this error screen when opening a project (which I am attaching). Other projects don’t give any problems.
after giving the ok the project loads normally.

The error message reads:
“One or more of the fonts you are using is not installed on your computer”

Actually, after the file is opened, the “academic” font is usable.

Thanks for the attention
Dorico 5 caratteri

Are you using Dorico 5.0, or Dorico 5.0.10? If you’re using 5.0, I would recommend updating to 5.0.10, because it specifically addresses a problem with style names for fonts when running Dorico in languages other than English on Windows.

Hi Daniel, Thanks for your reply.

I’m running D 5.0.10

Can you please share a project that shows this warning, by posting it here?

Sure Daniel, thanks!

Medley Dance - Donne DRUM.dorico (1.9 MB)

Thanks for the project. I guess this project was last saved in Dorico 5.0, and so you’ve fallen foul of the bug I described above – sorry about that. You can reset the affected font, character and paragraph styles via the Library Manager to sort this out. I’ve attached a version in which I’ve done that, and you should find you no longer get a missing font warning when you open this version.

Medley Dance - Donne DRUM.dorico (1.9 MB)

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Thanks a lot Daniel, your file works without any error message!