Font issue on dorico for iPad

Hi, I love dorico but I am issued with the font problem.
In detail, almost everything is “box” when Bravura font is selected. I tried reinstall this application, reboot my device, none of this work.

I am using the latest dorico version and iPadOS 16.6.1.

Have you tried switching to a different music font, and back?

Is this every document, or just some?

Only this font is affected and it’s same on every document, even tutorial ones

And switching back to Bravura after switching to another font doesn’t help?

It dosen’t help

You’ll need to supply a Diagnostic Report for the team to look at. You can do this from the main menu (top right).

Dorico (55.2 KB)

Have you by any chance manually installed Bravura on your device through some other means? If so, please remove it.

It dosen’t work.

We might need a bit more information than “It doesn’t work.” Am I to assume, then, that you had installed Bravura on your device? If so, are you certain that you’ve now removed it? What steps have you taken to try to solve the problem?

I removed the config file. I might need to redownload dorico.

You’ll probably need to restart the iPad after removing a profile.